Who am I?

Have you ever looked at your life and thought, “How could I make this more interesting”? Well, I have, numerous times. This is not my first blog and I am sure it will not be my last, but my purpose right now is to keep an account of my last few years of school. Blogging has always been a way to keep my life interesting, but then again, the last four years of undergrad life has been more than interesting…

Right now I am finishing two undergraduate degrees; Business Management and Information Technology. However, I will be dual-enrolling in the MBA program at my school. I have just become an alumna of my sorority, Kappa Delta, so I am looking at this next year of undergrad/grad mash up as one that has potential to be so different from my previous four years at school.

See, the last four years for me could have been out of a movie. I went through recruitment my first week of college and the second semester I fully immersed myself into KD. I am talking three committees and an appointed position. My sophomore year I was elected our VP-Membership. Recruitment efforts, sisterhood, and retention fell on me and the committees I now managed. Somehow I found myself so involved in something that became more than an organization, it was a family. After traveling to our national convention in Orlando in 2015, I became so inspired to serve KD that I thought, “Hey, you know what would be a cool experience? LET’S RUN FOR PRESIDENT”!

I am sorry…what? Never in my life would I have thought I would be capable of running a chapter of around 100 strong women, working with numerous advisors, and having so many people rely on me. Somehow though, I succeeded and ran everything to the best of my ability and leaving my legacy. So many things happened in my presidency that shaped me into a much better and stronger person. It was honestly the most challenging experience of my life, but the most rewarding one as well.

That was just in my sorority…I was a student ambassador for two years, worked in our IT department for a semester, was involved in our Panhellenic for a bit, was in honor organizations, an Odyssey writer, and participated in events on campus. Did I sleep? Yes, plus day naps. I made it happen. You can too.

I did so much in my four years, but now that I’m an alumna of KD and have gone down the ~typical~ college route of sorts, I’m ready to try new things, clubs not related to Greek Life. I am looking for that complete switch of atmosphere. I have already been considering organizations to join next year. I have about three years left of school so this is like college 2.0. I was recently just accepted into our undergrad leadership council so I will have the honor of working with students and faculty from a different campus demographic. To say I am excited about these new changes would be an understatement.

Right now, I am feeling the sweet relief of my finals being over and the beginning of summer hitting my toes like ocean water. Overall, I started this blog to track my graduate years. The ones where I think I will find who I am as an adult and the ones that will help define my career even more.

Follow me for updates about school, my summer internship in IT infrastructure, lifestyle, and much more exciting pieces sure to hit your screens soon.

Until then…



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