When Life Gives You Lemons, but No Ingredients for Lemonade

Many of my friends and I have been in the early twenties, “Am I failure?” rut for most of this semester. We have all had extreme difficulties either in school or in our lives. We are essentially having a quarter life crises. We are all at the end of college and for most of us, the future is uncertain. Where are we going to work? Am I moving out of my parent’s house soon? How am I supposed to pay all the bills that are about to hit me like a train wreck? Life is coming at us so fast and we are all struggling with this life thing we’re supposed to be doing.

We have been given half the ingredients for our life and we have to go adventure out and find the rest. Some of my friends are not getting jobs they have applied for, they are going through breakups and rough situations, and then there is me going through my mom’s cancer situation. 2016 was the year everyone deemed as the worst year ever, but 2017 for us has seemed almost worst. How did we go from college freshmen who did not have a care in the world to adults who needed to start thinking about budgets and how we were going to support ourselves in the VERY near future?

These conversations had me thinking about advice I had given to my friends recently. When one door closes, another one opens. Repeatedly, this happens. Every time I have had to give up an opportunity, God came in and presented me a different, usually better, solution. It seems like so many of my friends have needed to hear this advice lately. Every day it seems I am giving a different a friend this same advice. It is the advice I have needed someone to give me as well. I am fortunate enough to have a support group that does not fail to raise me up when I need it.

Here is my challenge for you…either be the person raising someone up or reach out and get the help you need. Life is never going to give you everything prepackaged and ready to make. It is going to require effort and resilience. If there is anything I learned this semester it was that you can work as hard as possible and still come out with little to show for it…and you know what? That is okay. Not every period of your life is going to be successful, but those are the ones that shape us into who we become. We need to be just as thankful for those as we are for the life-changing times we go through. Food for thought for your weekend…

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