How I’m Getting Back on Track with Fitness

Up until college, I had been a pretty active kid. I did gymnastics for a while and played soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Then I went to college where the idea of working out after studying all day and attending social functions was less than appealing. Quick, unhealthy meals became the easiest way to “cook” when I did not feel the time was there.

Flash forward to this semester, my two best friends and I decided to run a half-marathon. Only one of us made it through the finish line. Surprise! It wasn’t me. (You can follow my bestie who did HERE). There are a lot of reasons unrelated to fitness as to why I didn’t accomplish this goal that I was SUPER vocal about. Sidenote, if I learned anything it was to never tell people about my goals. I’ll just surprise them after….But as for my fitness reasons, I bit off too big of a chunk for myself. I decided to go from not being active to running a 13.1 in four months. I know I could have done it. I went from running nothing to running 3 miles in two weeks. But here’s the thing, I was scared. I cannot tell you why because I do not know myself. I think I was scared of doing something different. There were so many people who did not believe in me and normally I would have used that to fuel my drive and motivation to finish the race. However, school was pretty hard this semester and I was worried it would get in the way. So instead, I quit while I was ahead.

My goals for this summer are to bite off a smaller chunk and start with a 5k which is so much more doable. I don’t care about losing weight. I want to feel good in my body and if I lose weight, then so be it.

Here’s what I learned throughout this journey…

  • You can make up a thousand excuses for not doing something, but at the end of the day, you are the one who still has to live with yourself so why not at least try?
  • It really does not matter what anyone else thinks. I am looking at the people who laughed at us for wanting to try, who judged us when they saw us not eating “what we should be”, and the ones who did not even try to support us. Here’s the deal, I do not care what you think or your reason behind it. What I decide to do with my life, especially something positive, is not yours to ridicule.
  • I realized I can push myself further. In my short time training, I ran further than I ever expected of myself. It taught me I could run faster, be better, and push myself more.
  • I found I actually enjoy running….(?)

Here’s to a summer of learning to love myself more and pushing myself further because no one else is going to do it for me. My two friends and I started a Tumblr back in December when we wanted to continue this journey more. We all strive to be better in shape and healthier overall. If you’re looking for inspiration/motivation you should definitely take a look and join our 4,000 + followers. None of us know how we have so many followers, but we clearly did something right and we thank them for pushing us more…. We would also love to encourage you in your fitness goals.

See you there!

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