Starting Off in Paris: Day 1, Part 2

Once I fell asleep earlier, I was able to get about three hours of sleep. Once we all woke up, we ate lunch which was some sort of egg/potato type of bread, cheddar cheese, and chicken sandwiches with mayo. The mayo was a yellow color and the Doritos we had with lunch were a bit different than the American version.


We went on a hop on/hop off the bus today to get an overview sight of Paris. We saw Notre Dame, Arc De Triumph, Moulin Rouge, and many other famous landmarks. It was neat to get to see so much on a bus ride around the city. There are so many people in this city though which is crazy. It is vastly different from Italy. Italy held onto a lot of its culture in the large cities whereas Paris has become some a metropolitan city that global brands are everywhere it seems. I also expected more coffee shops. There are a lot of bars here, however. I can imagine a honeymoon here would be delightful.13241206_597750973717955_1265260098664103103_n

Alrighty, goodnight for now…

My first day in Paris was truly unlike anything else. The culture that surrounded me, the people, and the sights were so overwhelming, but in a good way. When we were on the bus, we listened to a narrator explain the history behind the landmarks we were viewing and in between their narration, music would play. The song that sticks out in my head is, “April in Paris”. After listening to other versions on YouTube, I cannot tell if they are the same, but I believe they are.13260184_597750960384623_8649428796841367785_n

I remember sitting there, with the headphones in for so long, trying to soak in as much information as possible, that my ears hurt after our hour or so adventure. I loved the city and knew we would have a great time together.

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