My Favorite Morning Routine

Hi, friends!

I have completed my series on Paris. I loved reliving my favorite vacation through writing this mini-series. You can find my posts by scrolling to the categories at the bottom and clicking on Travel. However, for now, I’m just back to my more or less normal posts!

When I’m at school, I try to keep my schedule more or less consistent each day so I always know what’s going on. Although, we all know plans can fall through and that amazing routine can go out the window. That’s why this post is titled, My Favorite Morning Routine. Sometimes I oversleep and rush around and then my entire day feels like I’m playing catch up. So how do I keep myself sane in between my courses, extracurriculars, and trying to have somewhat of a social life? Keep reading to find out…

Wake up

This is probably the most important step to having a successful, starting off on the right foot, kind of day. Now, obviously, hopefully, you’re waking up, but I mean actually get your body moving and try to open your eyes. Don’t just lay in bed staring at your phone. I feel like I can’t even include this in here because I’m so bad at this. I’m surprisingly a lot better at this step Monday/Tuesday. The further the week goes on, the further away I fall from these goals. Anyway, do whatever will wake your mind up and try to keep a more or less consistent wake-up time each day (including weekends). Otherwise, your body gets confused each day and you’ll find yourself groggier each morning. For me, I stand up and stretch. I may do a mini workout if I am feeling super ambitious. You do you.

Get Ready

I usually get completely ready (minus drying my hair right away, I don’t like keeping the heat on it for longer than I need to). I tend to listen to some upbeat music (try Spotify’s: Daily Mix, Pop Rising, Songs to Sing to in the Shower, or something calmer like  Fresh and Chill). I’m a big fan of Spotify’s algorithm that seems to always know what kind of songs I want need to hear. Depending on the morning I’ll dance around my room. Imagine the scene from the Lizzie McGuire movie where she sings The Tide is High, by Atomic Kitten. Here’s a bit of throwback for your enjoyment:

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m Lizzie and throw my clothes around without punishment (of having to pick them all back up by myself).

ANYWAY, the point is to have fun. If you wake up a bit earlier, you have so much more of the day to enjoy and honestly, we all complain about having no time to do anything.  Try this tomorrow…wake up 30 minutes earlier and see how much brighter your otherwise rushed day can be!

Treat Yo’Self…

…to some protein, caffeine, a smoothie, or whatever your body needs to get your day going. My personal favorite is to make a Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie since it gives me my fruit and protein in a small enough portion that I’m not giving away free smoothies to whoever walks by. Here is my favorite and literally the most simple recipe you’ll ever read. It tastes so good and makes about 7 oz or so. Not bad.

Next, I make myself a cup of coffee and because I’m not totally adulting, I put enough creamer/milk in there to mask the overwhelming taste of the roast. Really it’s coffee flavored milk, to be honest. Once this step is done, I’ll go to my room with my steaming cup of coffee that has quickly cooled off due to the excessive amount of cold liquid that got added and check my email/blog/social media/assignments. Not necessarily in that order, but you get it. Do something somewhat productive.



Either before or after I check everything listed above, I read my daily devotional book which is so wonderful. It’s called Power Thoughts Devotional. This is the best kind of devotional to read in the morning because it sets your mind straight for the rest of the day. I’ll try to journal down some thoughts I had of the day’s devotional to review later. When I get to do this, I just feel like my entire day is on the right track and I am in the right frame of mind to tackle whatever life throws at me.

If I still have time before my classes start, I’ll read some of whatever book I’m currently obsessing over at that time. For the second half of the semester, my go to was Eat, Pray, Love. Since I usually never had any extra time to before classes, I typically was not able to read too much. I still haven’t had time to read the rest of the book (which is why it’s on my Summer  2017 Reading List). I’m determined to finish it ASAP.

There you have it, my favorite morning routine. It’s the one that’s the least chaotic and allows me to really feel like I am more or less in control of my life. Now, this is just my weekday morning routine, if it’s the weekend, I love to go get coffee with friends and de-stress from whatever crazy-hard exam we probably had on Friday (because professors love this day).

What does your morning routine look like? Seriously, I’m interested! Everyone has different ways they get themselves ready to tackle whatever life is ready to throw at us!

Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend and don’t forget to thank those who have served and remember those who are no longer with us.


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