On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are you with being organized? I’m closer to the 10. I usually need some sort of solid organizational system to keep myself from going crazy. At the very minimum, Google Calendar needs to be up and running. However, I just got a new goal planner yesterday and y’all, it’s so great. Let me rave about this.

The goal planner I got was the Goal Spiral Planner from the Recollections Creative Year Collection from Micheals. You can find all of their planners HERE. They have so many options ranging from wedding planning and teacher planners to your normal run-of-the-mill planners.

I wanted to go through this planner with you all. I’m not normally the kind of person who would be a goal setting planner. I actually went in to purchase a planner that had hourly meeting time spaces and came out with a piece of work I never expected!


This is what the front of the planner looked like. I love that it has the gold script font and I love traveling so this one seemed perfect for me.


Next were the first few pages. I did not realize for the longest time that the first picture was actually instructions on how to use the goal setting sheets scattered throughout the planner. What a great way to get started on your goals and start reaching them!

The next two pages were ones to push you to reach your inner positive spirit. This planner is seriously the most positive pushing planner I’ve ever seen. It’s so easy to forget what we have the be thankful for, but this is a great reminder to never forget.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to utilize the vision board section yet so if you all have ideas, send them my way!

I’m loving the stay motivated section that includes so many prompts to increase your motivation and productivity.


The individual goals by month page is also at the beginning before the months start and there is enough space for all sorts of goals to accomplish!

Now, my favorite part of this planner…there are months listed. WHICH MEANS for those of you like me, who sometimes forget that they own a planner, you’ve no longer wasted a month…or three. This planner will take you as long to fill up as you use it. What a perk, am I right?!

Cue the instructions from the beginning of your planner. These next two pages are where those come in. What’s your goal? What time will you give yourself? What do you hope to gain? So on and so forth….

Here’s the more “plannery” part of the planner. The days. Since I intend to use this as a legitimate planner (classes, homework, internship project deadlines, etc). This part is where I will be keeping track of that.

Not featured in here is the bullet journal-esque goal tracker at the end of each month. Here you’ll find spaces for each of your goals and 31 boxes to color in/mark off when you’ve completed that day’s goal.


For those of you who have their lives together more than the rest of us and love stickers and would use them, then this part is for you! I do really like the monthly stickers since I would rather look at something pretty announcing what month I’m viewing rather than my handwriting.

The goal achieved and motivating stickers are seriously so cute though and they may be the first included stickers I will ever use to up my planner game. Personally, I think I may get so addicted to these stickers that I’ll run out within the first few months.

Good thing Micheals sells more refill stickers or if you want a variety for that reason as well.

Let me know if you all are also getting work done this summer and planning it out. See what I did there?

Have an awesome night!




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