Why We Need Programmers

As you know, I’m majoring in Business and IT. A big part of my IT major is learning how to code. Over this summer, I watched this Ted Talk from Ashley Gavin titled, Computer Science Education: Why Does it Suck so Much and What if it Didn’t? It was an interesting take on the coding industry, but mainly the classroom. Gavin’s goal was to showcase how positive programming is to our society. She shared statistics about our world and how it will soon be impacted by having more coders…or not.

From someone who disliked learning to code in my college classes, the benefit it will have in my career stretches further than I can see. I heard about this great website during my internship called, Codecademy. Their website has so many languages to choose from and actually makes learning to code simple. To be quite honest, if I had known about this website, I think I would have enjoyed my lessons more and understood the purpose of this growing tool.

For places like WordPress, knowing a bit of Code can really help you expand your blog and reach to more subscribers. For those of you with Ads, it helps you increase revenue from traffic. WordPress uses mainly HTML/CSS. Both which you can learn above from Codecademy.

I shared my story about learning to code. I had a bit of HTML/CSS experience from a one-semester course in high school where we briefly covered the topic within a few weeks. I have to wonder where I would be had a few events taken place differently.

Here’s the thing, learning to code is low-key boring, I’m not going to lie to you. But the benefits it can have on your career are nearly never-ending. There are no negative outcomes from learning to code. If I can prevent others from making my mistakes, that would be wonderful. I wish I had taken advantage of more opportunities earlier on or been allowed to take others. I wish I had known that sites existed that can mentor and guide you.

Now that I’ve ranted a bit, check out Gavin’s Ted Talk below. It’s so good and I hope it inspires your inner programmer!

2 thoughts on “Why We Need Programmers

  1. Melissa Gibbs says:

    This was so interesting! I’m a game writer and in one class I took while in college, the writer had said that knowing coding made all the difference because it helped her communicate better with the programmers. I only learnt a little in her class but have been trying to push myself to learn more – I just don’t know where to look. Thanks so much for the interesting insight and links 🙂

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