Happy Fall Y’all!

WE HAVE FINALLY MADE IT. Y’all, Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite season. If you couldn’t tell by my caps lock going crazy, let me explain why…

Fall is the season of cozy sweaters that keep you warm and you don’t need a bulky coat yet. I love sweater because tbh they’re hiding all the candy I’m eating around Halloween, but they are oh so comfy. They’re basically the dressier version of a baggy T-shirt.

Fall is the season of the controversial PSL and like it or not, it’s a staple. While I’m always down for pumpkin anything, I love hot cider, warm coffee in general, hot chocolate, or hot tea. Basically, anything that makes me feel like all is right in the world.

Fall is the season of color. The leaves are golden, the light is golden, MY LIFE FEELS GOLDEN. Honestly, I am at peak happiness in the Fall. The warm hues of God shining down are what remind me that all is well.

Fall is the season of giving. Giving time. Time spent with family. Families gathering. All of the above. I find myself going home more in the Fall than in the Spring. My mom and I go to our town’s Fall craft fair and although we always seem to be let down each year (wish you all could see this haha) we have great memories of spending time together. Then we have Thanksgiving where my family gathers around one table, the extended family comes in from out of town and all feels right in the world.

Fall is the season of school spirit. No matter the age, no matter the place, I think we can all agree that Friday Night Lights is the real deal. While I thoroughly enjoyed watching high school football more than my college team, I have to admit that the feeling of spirit and excitement about an odd looking ball getting thrown around is one that is unbeatable in the spring.

Fall is the season of adventure. The humidity has calmed itself down for awhile and the snow and ice haven’t consumed the roads yet. The weather is PERFECT and lovely and everything I want in my Saturday afternoon adventure.

We have finally made it to my favorite season and I CANNOT contain my excitement. What’s your favorite part of Fall? Are any of you as obsessed as I am? I hope I’m not the only one fangirling over the Fall Fandom (That’s a thing…I just made it a thing)!

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