Getting Ready for Fall

As you all saw in my last post, Fall is my FAVORITE season. Well….while out grocery shopping, I picked up some new items to help me get into the fall spirit (like I really needed any more help!

Snapchat-661844985 (1)

Unfortunately, my town does not have a Target, so until I make it there, I wouldn’t have completed my full immersion into Fall (shoutout to the dollar section).

Everything I found was mostly from Walmart with the exception of the pumpkin spice coffee creamer which was purchased from Aldi’s. Between these yummy cookies and coffee creamer, I will be set. The coffee isn’t Fall related, but I kept it in here because it represents my larger step to adulthood of making economical purchases for my coffee instead of convenient (Kcups) and the main color was orange so it went with the theme here. This is my first time trying this coffee so I hope I love it!


This may not be exciting to many, but for someone who loves stationery, pens, and organization…aka me…. this was an exciting find to see on sale. Between classes, my planner, and journaling, I will definitely be set for awhile!



Anddd right next to the pens was this very cute journal that I thought would be great for writing down blog ideas in. It’s cute and thin so it’s easy to carry around wherever I may go!


If you haven’t been to Walmart lately and you love mug cakes then this may be the item for you! They had a variety of flavors and all you have to do is add water! So yummy!

As for the wax cubes, I love my wax warmer and I love when everything smells like Fall. There are a lot of options, but this one smelled the best! I can’t wait to try it out and have it actually feel like Fall (it’s still very warm where I am so it’s not sweater weather at the moment)!


Walmart now has a section that is rivaling the dollar section at Target. It’s usually filled with more season-specific items, such as this adorable travel mug. There’s a ton of options and cute styles. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed earlier (you can follow me-link is on my main page) and one of the users had bought all of the styles! For only $2.97 it’s pretty easy to do so!

So this may not be your typical Fall haul, but for getting into the Fall spirit, it’s definitely on the right track! I’m so pumped to use my new journal, writing down my blog ideas, while drinking a PSL out of my new mug! (too much?) haha.

Everything I bought was under $5 so you can get your dorm room/apartment/home Fall ready (or blog ready) in the cheapest way possible!

I’d love to hear what great things you all have bought to get yourselves in the Fall spirit below!


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