The End of an Era (Part 1)

Hello friends,

It’s been awhile, but here I am again! Miraculously alive after finals week and somewhat thriving I suppose. If you’re here, it may be because you are curious as to why this point in my life is the end of an era, more specifically, part 1 of it. Well, as of Saturday, I am officially finished with the coursework for one of my degrees and my best friend has graduated from college and moved 8 hours away. Now for some, I guess this wouldn’t be difficult.

However, I feel like once I go back to school I’ll be a bit lost haha. My best friend, Uma, and I became friends when we were Juniors in high school after she moved to the US. We then went to the same college and joined Kappa Delta together. This last year we lived in the same apartment together. To say we know each other better than most is an understatement. We’ve seen each other at the absolute worst points, but been there as cheerleaders for each other when everything went right.

Now that she’s moved away 8 hours from our college town to pursue bigger and better things, I’m left here with a sense of slight confusion and sadness. One thing for sure is that it probably will not sink in that I won’t see her for a bit until I get back to my college town. Thankfully I know I’ll see her in March and May, but after that, there’s no telling and that’s the really sad part.

Now, I know when I go back to school I still have other sorority sisters and great friends who will be there, but it’s like losing a friend-the emptiness that remains after they’re gone that will be odd. However, I know that she is going to always be in my life so it’s not like I’m ~actually~ losing her.

This is part 1 because phase 2 of the end of an era will be when I graduated in 5 months with my undergraduate degrees. This is all just preparing me for that!

So here’s to great friendships, college memories that are now a blur, and time that always goes too fast when it’s the best time of your life. May we always keep them close to our hearts.

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