My 2018 New Year Goals

Wow. Can we talk about how crazy 2017 was? Literally on every level. Honestly, if there was a year that I would be THRILLED to leave in the past it would be this one. While there were definite positives, there were plenty of negatives to write a novel about.

However, as I reflect on my last year, it was one full of growth and understanding. I now believe that I better understand more about myself than I did 365 days ago. In result of this rather interesting year, here are some of my goals for the new year!

  1. Grow spiritually and emotionally… I tend to hold grudges and have a hard time forgiving those I’ve had falling outs with. This year I want to work towards moving on and forward with those memories. They happened, now it’s time to focus on bigger and better things! As for growing spiritually, I want to read my Bible more often and devote more of my time to growing and learning in this area.
  2. Become more proactive… I was watching this great Youtube video yesterday where Sam mentions all these great ways to be a better you in 2018. One of her points struck a note with me personally when it comes to reading self-help books. Now, some people find self-help books to be awful and if you’re reading them you clearly need help. I view them as a way to become an ever-evolving, changing, better version of myself. Sam discusses that she feels os pumped reading these books, but then goes back weeks or months later and never took action. What does that mean? It means being proactive and taking the skills you learned and applying them to your life in whatever way you best can! A couple of years ago I asked my parents for a ton of managerial and leadership self-help books for Christmas (because business major problems amirite)? Thennn I never read them because I didn’t devote the time to it. This year, I want to set a goal of reading a book every 2 weeks and if I can surpass that, then great, if not, I’m reading one more book every two weeks than I previously was!
  3. Love myself more… Emotionally, Health-wise, self-care, all of the above. I am so hard on myself. I mess up and then I over think every possible reason for doing so. I get negative towards myself and cannot motivate myself to become better in whatever area I am focusing in at that moment because I’m still revisiting how I messed up before. This year, I want to become the healthiest, best version of myself there can be. I started this a bit in November/December as the semester came to an end purchasing the book Eat Pretty, Live Well and it’s journal companion. I began meal prepping and cooking more protein for myself and attempting to get more sleep. So far, so good (minus the last two weeks with holiday’s (it’s so difficult to be healthy around the holiday’s…)
  4. Be better for those around me…In whatever aspect that is…team member, friend, mentor, role model, daughter, girlfriend, stranger. I want to be a positive person to be around and these last few years have put me through the wringer. The first step is admitting you want to become better and here we are. I want my friends to enjoy being around me. I want to stop complaining so much because there are so many great things to e thankful for.
  5. Mindfulness… in any way possible. I used to journal many days and I want to get back to that. I want to have more self-reflection this year to figure out the path I want to pursue in my life and that’s only done through mindfulness, self-care, and limiting my social media time. Hopefully, by reading more, this will limit social media automatically and we can see a positive change towards the beginning of the new year!

These are my main goals for the year. I am striving to become a better version of myself and allow myself to become more free of social media and negativity. Now, I’m looking forward to a brighter future and happier 2018.

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