22 Life Lessons I Learned at 22

Hello, hello my fabulous readers! Hopefully, now that we’re nearly a full two weeks into 2018 life is settling back down for you all and the craziness of the holidays has subsided.

For me, life is about the get pretty crazy again with classes starting back up next week, but before that happens, I’m celebrating my birthday! It’s hard to believe that I’ll be 23 tomorrow, but 22 provided me with enough obstacles to overcome that I’m sure I’ll be able to handle whatever is thrown at me this year!

I can’t wait to share with you the 22 life lessons I learned this year and other good information! Now, when I say I learned all these things, there’s quite a few that I finally saw the benefit of implementing into my life or realized that they were necessary to living.

  1. You don’t need tons of friends as long as you have a great few. Wow did I learn this big time this last year. I couldn’t be more thankful for those who stood by me when life got hard.
  2. Not getting your dream job won’t be the end all be all.
  3. It’s okay to not graduate college in four years.
  4. When times get tough, you get tougher.
  5. When your family goes through hardships, you go stronger together.
  6. Overstressing causes more stress.
  7. Don’t overload yourself to the point that you overstress.
  8. No one enjoys someone who complains a lot.
  9. Positivity is key.
  10. You are so much more than a degree, a job, or your college.
  11. “Friends” aren’t there for you in the long run.
  12. It’s okay to take a break for yourself.
  13. Self-care can get you through most anything.
  14. Reading wakes up your imagination.
  15. Social media should not consume all your free time.
  16. Comparing yourself to others does nothing except upset you more.
  17. Too much spicy food can basically kill you or at least make you very sick.
  18. Spending a night at home rather than going out can be more therapeutic
  19. Putting your health first while you’re able to will get you further in life.
  20. Set goals then crush them silently and make people wonder.
  21. Accidents happen. Just keep moving along!
  22. Sometimes the unexpected happens in life and we’re thrown. Always have a backup plan and know how to best achieve both roads.

Y’all, what. a. year. this was for me. If I look back on this year I can see a tremendous amount of change and growth within myself and I am so happy. I began this year with a lot of emotions and it seemed when things would get better, it would come crashing into me again. A goal for this next year is to continue growing and becoming the best version of myself.

I’m so ready. Can’t wait for you all to be here for my adventure too.

Have a great weekend!

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