It’s Been Awhile

Hey all –

It’s been awhile…a scary, long time awhile, kind of awhile. Wow, a lot of “awhile’s”. Sounds weird now. Point being, I’ve missed being behind the keyboard in ways that didn’t require me to sell my soul for a few weeks at the end of the semester when I wrote about 50 pages in term papers. I know for some this is a normal, every semester kind of ~thing~, but I’ve never done that in my life! I can, however, now tell you a lot about artificial intelligence, Facebook, Apple, and human resource management. Three papers, 50 pages, three weeks. What a time it was to be alive!

And then I graduated… I only cried a little. It didn’t hit me when I turned in my papers, when I packed up my tiny college apartment, or when I walked across the stage. It mostly hit me a couple of weeks later when I had that “oh no” moment. You know the kind when you’re like, “What did I just get myself into”? I’ve only had that feeling a couple of time and they’ve all happened in the last three years. It happened when I decided to jump in head first in life without planning too much prior. But this time, it was mostly a, “What happens now…” kind of moment.

Three weeks after graduation I began my summer internship working in marketing. It’s fun but definitely different than I imagined. I’m not sure what I anticipated, but with about a month left of my internship (holy cow- fast Summer), I can say that I’ve learned so many real-world applicable skills in the short time I’ve been there. So overall, it was a solid life choice.

With all this craziness, I was admitted into graduate school for my MBA and signed up for two summer classes. One of them already ended and started less than a month ago. The other one ends in a few weeks. If someone had told me as a high school senior I would be graduating with a Master’s degree I would have been a bit surprised. It’s something that I had considered, but never ~actually~ considered doing. Do you ever get really proud of yourself for doing something. It’s not something you’d go around telling the world, “Hey look at this great thing I just did, I’m really proud of myself”. People usually think that you’re fishing for compliments at that point. Honestly,  it’s great to be proud of yourself. Like I am here. I am so dang proud of myself. I worked so hard and it’s great to see a result of that.

Which brings me to now, I wanted to feel like I was accomplishing something for myself personally that wasn’t related to work or school. In the last week, I made it a goal of mine to limit my screen time after work (since I stare at the computer-particularly Excel this last week). This resulted in me finishing a book I began reading in December (how sad haha) titled Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri. I linked it to Amazon in case you’re like me and enjoy seeing what other people read. It was a great book comprised of eight short stories and don’t take my length of time to complete the book as an indication of its entertainment value. I loved it! I just got attached to Gossip Girl midway through my semester.

Once I finished that read, I started Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham. If I didn’t have obligations in my life, this would have taken me about four hours to read. It was a great, easy read. I think I expected to be disinterested which would explain me putting it off since I got this book in December as well. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it hearing about Lauren Graham’s journey through acting (with a large focus on Gilmore Girls). I asked for this book for Christmas around the same time I finished binge-watching Gilmore Girls and AYITL on Netflix.

My overall point of this rather lengthy mini book report I have here is that I have genuinely enjoyed disconnecting a bit more in my evenings and reading things that bring me joy instead of scrolling through the negative trash-pit that my social media turned into the last few years. Since I finished Lauren Graham’s book today, I began reading After College: Navigating Transitions, Relationships, and Faith by Erica Young Reitz. So far so good! It really connects the, “What’s happening in my life and why did I graduate – I wish I could go back and enjoy my youth” to God’s individualized path for us each. I’m really excited to continue reading this one. I’m debating what book to read after this though I have two more Jhumpa Lahiri books (they’re so realistic, not very “happy ending” types), a few more non-fiction ones, and a Sarah Dessen novel I started…in March….so I’ve had a history of committing to books. Gossip Girls, y’all. It captured my attention for awhile.

But, moving forward here’s to breaks from my screen after work, more reading, and when I do look at my screen, writing more on here. It’s been awhile, but I hope to be back for a bit.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. Chi! says:

    I hate term papers, they can be annoying. I have one of 16pages to write, I’ve not even started on it.
    I usually fantasize graduating, and moving out of my parent’s house, I’m often reminded of my graduate friends, who aren’t finding life easy or funny. They always advice me to make the most out of school, get my hands on something I really like and try perfecting it before I graduate.
    I’m really happy for you. It’s good to make oneself proud even when no one sees it. Life sure has a beautiful package for you.😄

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