About Grad Gal

How does one attempt to inspire people and share their story? In our modern day world, no one has to sift through our journals or listen to stories passed down from generations before us to get an idea of who a person was in their life. Today, we can use forms such as social media and blogs to create an interactive conversation.

I’m Elizabeth and I can’t wait to share my journey of my last days of undergrad life while I embark on my new grad life and future career. I will be pursuing my MBA so I can go out in this big world and bring about positive change and inspire others to make a change too.

How did I come up with Grad Gal? Grad Gal is truly an ever-growing project. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I wrote short stories, wrote for my local newspaper, and was an Odyssey writer. Striving to publish articles that inspired others and told the stories that needed to be heard. In high school, I had a blog and when I first went to college I created another one. However, I did not feel like I had a story to tell. Here I am almost four years later feeling like I finally have something to say. Or, at least now I know how to say it!

As a person and friend, I have found myself striving to promote confidence in others and wanting to see them succeed. I have encouraged many to achieve things they never imagined. So now I sit here typing away, hoping that I may encourage you sitting on the other side of the screen though my adventures and stories. May you feel inspired from what I say.

Thank you for taking a look and I hope to see a follow from you!


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