15 Spotify Playlists to Get You Through Finals (or Studying)

  1. Coffee Table Jazz– reminds me of reading a book, while drinking coffee, and not worrying about my finals
  2. Soul Coffee– Lyrical RnB/Soul music
  3. Cafe, lounge, french, jazz, smokey, acoustic– if you are looking for lyrical music, but don’t want to be distracted then this is a 10/10. The French music can transport you to another way of life-which sometimes we all need a vacation, even if it’s just our imagination
  4. Chill Vibes– nothing too intense, but some of the music may want to make you dance or zone out
  5. French Jazz + Acoustic– similar to #3
  6. Your Favorite Coffeehouse– pretty mellow and can make you feel like you’re out with friends instead of studying
  7. Folk & Friends– pretty calm tracks, with the singer/songwriter feel with a folk twist
  8. Indie Chillout– feels a bit similar to Folk & Friends to me
  9. Autumn Leaves– good for a rainy/cloudy day, calming for sure
  10. Soft Rock 2000’s-If you want a bit of a throwback to your favorites (think-Drops of Jupiter) then this is a go-to
  11. Chill Hits– Today’s{less upbeat, but still great} hits
  12. Fresh & Chill– Basicallllly the same as Chill Hits, but some {fresh} songs added to the mix
  13. Morning Acoustic– new voices and folksy
  14. Wild + Free– kind of a mixture of folk and soft rock
  15. Creativity Boost– brain food for the creative types