The End of an Era (Part 1)

Hello friends, It's been awhile, but here I am again! Miraculously alive after finals week and somewhat thriving I suppose. If you're here, it may be because you are curious as to why this point in my life is the end of an era, more specifically, part 1 of it. Well, as of Saturday, I … Continue reading The End of an Era (Part 1)

Mid-Semester Update

Yesterday in my leadership class, my teacher asked us who felt burnt out. Seeing as it was an MBA class, no one wanted to really admit they were burnt out. There's that feeling in grad school like you can't admit any sort of defeat- even if that "defeat" is you needing a nap and some … Continue reading Mid-Semester Update

Why We Need Programmers

Over this summer, I watched this Ted Talk from Ashley Gavin titled, Computer Science Education: Why Does it Suck so Much and What if it Didn’t? It was an interesting take on the coding industry, but mainly the classroom. Gavin's goal was to showcase how positive programming is to our society.