It’s Been Awhile

Hey all - It's been awhile...a scary, long time awhile, kind of awhile. Wow, a lot of "awhile's". Sounds weird now. Point being, I've missed being behind the keyboard in ways that didn't require me to sell my soul for a few weeks at the end of the semester when I wrote about 50 pages … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile

The End of an Era (Part 1)

Hello friends, It's been awhile, but here I am again! Miraculously alive after finals week and somewhat thriving I suppose. If you're here, it may be because you are curious as to why this point in my life is the end of an era, more specifically, part 1 of it. Well, as of Saturday, I … Continue reading The End of an Era (Part 1)

15 Spotify Playlists to Get You Through Finals Week

Hey friends, Finals are coming sooner than we would like, so I created a page which you can find HERE. If you're looking for new music to help you power through your impending studying, I have 15 Spotify playlists that range from coffee house to the truly indescribable (but best put-brain food). These are my personal favorite … Continue reading 15 Spotify Playlists to Get You Through Finals Week

Why We Need Programmers

Over this summer, I watched this Ted Talk from Ashley Gavin titled, Computer Science Education: Why Does it Suck so Much and What if it Didn’t? It was an interesting take on the coding industry, but mainly the classroom. Gavin's goal was to showcase how positive programming is to our society.